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About Stonerock Polygraph
Stonerock Polygraph is dedicated to discovering the truth and providing the utmost professional services in the polygraph industry. Whether the situation involves the legal or criminal justice systems, background investigations, domestic issues, or sex offender tests, Stonerock Polygraph is capable of conducting the polygraph exam.

Stonerock Polygraph adheres to the standards and policies of the American Polygraph Association and ASTM.

Stonerock Polygraph is family-owned and based in Columbus, Ohio.
Randy Stonerock joined the Columbus, Ohio Division of Police (CPD) in 1979. He served in Patrol, DARE, Burglary, and Background Investigations. In the nine years Randy was assigned to the Background Investigations Unit, he conducted hundreds of background investigations/checks pertaining to police and civilian applicants. During his tenure in Background, Randy worked closely with the Columbus Civil Service Commission, the Safety Director's Office, and the Division's Polygraph Unit. Randy reviewed numerous polygraph summaries and for the final two years of his police career, he managed the Background Investigations Unit as well as scheduled the Division's polygraph exams.    In April 2013, after almost 34 years of service with CPD, Randy retired from his police career.  He has been married to Sharon for over 35 years.

Alynn Stonerock had been involved in finance and logistics when he decided to pursue a more fulfilling and meaningful career.  When Randy, his father, established Stonerock Polygraph, Alynn immediately enrolled in and attended the National Polygraph Academy. After ten weeks of sophisticated expert instruction, Alynn graduated near the top of his class. Alynn, like Randy, is learned in all the latest, validated techniques. After graduation, Alynn chose to attend the subsequent advanced training pertaining to Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT). In September 2013 Alynn received his certificate for completion of the course and passing the APA written exam.

Randy and Alynn have always been committed to fairness and truthfulness. As such, every examinee can be assured every polygraph will be conducted with respect and no preconceived bias or prejudice.  

Committed to the truth
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